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A variety of crackers, pastries, snacks, candy and sodas is available in vending machines located throughout the Jefferson Lab site.

Location Bldg. Products
CEBAF Center 12 1st Floor Lobby - Coffee
2nd Floor Lobby - Pepsi/Snack
2nd Floor F Wing - Coke/Juice/Snack/Pepsi
Residence Facility 6 Pepsi
Counting House 97 Coke/Snack/Coffee
EEL 90 Coke/Pepsi/Snack
VARC 28 Coke/Pepsi/Snack/Juice/Coffee
Test Lab 58 Coke/Snack
MCC 85 Coke/Snack
ARC 01 1st Floor - Coke/Snacks/Juice
3rd Floor& - Pepsi/Snack/Coffee

Vending services are provided by Anchor/Canteen and monitored by Staff Services.

Refunds are available at several locations around the Lab. Call the Front Desk at 7100 for the location nearest you.