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Your Library Survey

Have you visited the physical library in the Applied Research Center (ARC) in the past 12 months?
Is distance a factor in how often you visit the physical library?
Is access to particular materials a factor in how often you visit the library?
Have you visited the virtual online library in the last 12 months?"
Do you find that the current desktop access generally meets your needs?
What materials/services do you seek when you come to the library (select all that apply)?    Books
   Admin Titles
   Reference Titles
   Print journal back files
   Document delivery and interlibrary loan
How do you rate the on line access to information:  
Other resources, including e-books
You would recommend that the library add more (select all that apply):    Print books to the collection (including multiple copies and reference books)
   E-books to the collection
   E-journals to the collection
Is the library staff response generally:
Comments about library location:
Other comments: