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Vital Records Liaisons by Building

Vital records liaisons are essential contacts to ensure safety and retrieval of vital records
in the event of a disaster affecting their areas.

ARC Building 001 vacant Ext 7513 FEL System Documentation
ARC Building 41C Kevin Jordan Ext 7644 FEL Drawings and Engineering
ARC Building 001 Terri Fuell Ext 7471 Document Control
CEBAF Center Building 12 Kim Kindrew Ext 7805 Vital Records Manager
CEBAF Center Building 12 Pat Stroop Ext 7553 Director's Office
CEBAF Center Building 12 DeLisa Stanfield Ext 7051 Legal
CEBAF Center Building 12 Kari Heffner Ext 5814 MIS
CEBAF Center Building 12 Andy Kowalski Ext 6224 Computer Center
Support Service Center Building 28 Treva Ferguson Ext 7291 Human Resources
Support Service Center Building 28 Dreamie Newsome Ext 7546 Facilities Management
Support Service Center Building 28 Janet Smith Ext 7505 Payroll, Fixed Assets, related items
Support Service Center Building 28 Sharon Hay Ext 7620 Payroll
Support Service Center Building 28 Johnie Banks Ext 7539 Occupational Health & Safety
Radcon Trailer Building 52B Jennifer Allen Ext 6127 Radiation Control
Test Lab Building 58 Charlie Reece Ext 7645 SRF Institute
Accelerator/MCC Building 85A Matt Bickley Ext 7347 Software Group
Accelerator/MCC Building 85A Tom Oren Ext 7230 MCC - Operations