Copy Center

Location: First floor, CEBAF Center (Building 12 Room F114)

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on regular working days

Telephone: ext. 7666

When to Use: For all jobs smaller than 5,000 single copies or 25,000 total copies (see GPO, below, for larger jobs). The Copy Center also has the capability to staple, spiral (GBC) bind, or heat-seal (Velobind) your documents.


Pick-Up and Delivery Service:

  • Available at every convenience copier location, with twice-daily service.
  • To request pickup and delivery service, insert your original in one of the blue folders provided, fill out a copy service ticket and clip it to the envelope. Completed jobs are normally delivered at the next scheduled pickup/delivery time.
  • You also can take the blue folder directly to the Copy Center for walk-in service.
  • Special/rush pickup and delivery, or pickup and delivery at other locations, are available by calling the copy center at ext. 7666.


Online Service:

Submit jobs online at


After Hours or Emergency Assistance:

  • Copy Center staff manager, Kaydee Moore, 810-0129 (cell)
  • The security guard can provide after-hours access to the Copy Center if necessary. Training on the use of the Copy Center machines is required. Contact Kaydee Moore at extension 7666.


Convenience Copiers

Location: Throughout the site
Hours: 24 hour access
When to Use: For small jobs (a few copies of a few pages, needed immediately)
Instructions: Enter your four-digit User Code (available from your Division Office or support staff) and press the ID key on the keypad.

For assistance in using a convenience copier, or to report a malfunction or problem, call the Copy Center at ext. 7666.


GPO (Government Printing Office)

The labs contract with the Department of Energy requires us to use the GPO for all jobs larger than 5,000 single copies or 25,000 total copies. In such cases, contact Melissa Torres in Procurement, ext. 7585, not the Copy Center. Melissa will ask you to submit a Purchase Requisition with your material to be copied, and can obtain a cost estimate for your job.