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2006 Run-A-Round

21th Annual JLab Run-A-Round
May 17, 2006

The 21th Annual Run-A-Round is now past, and the JAG is grateful to the many volunteers who took time away from the festivities to help coordinate the party. We have received numerous compliments on the refreshments and also on the introduction of the slightly longer course, which ended very near the entrance to the party site.

This year, JAG decided to use a professional race timing service to minimize the number of volunteers needed, to reduce the stress placed on race course volunteers, and to provide a more competitive atmosphere for our runner enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the service did not meet our expectations, providing race finish information late, incomplete and in a difficult format to tabulate quickly and accurately. As a result, the award announcements were made later than in previous years, and errors were made in some of the categories. We apologize for these errors and the disappointment they may have caused.

We now have a complete list of the final race results. These results may be viewed on a temporary bulletin board near the front desk in the CEBAF Center atrium and on the JAG web page. There were also several participants who should have received medals but did not. Each of these participants will be awarded their medal and the JAG's congratulations by JAG Chairperson Mary Jo Bailey as soon as possible.

JAG would also like to extend our congratulations to everyone who received a medal or trophy at the Run-A-Round. All awards given are final, and no returned medals or trophies will be accepted. Display your award for all to see: you've earned it!

Again, thank you all for another great year. We look forward to the next chance we have to get together and celebrate.


Overall male: (complete list)

1st: Mark Smith
2nd: Matt Bickley
3rd: Alexev Popov

Overall female: (complete list)

1st: Lindsay Manzlak
2nd: Nanette Phillips
3rd: Amy Sexton