JLab Golf League 2015

Playoff Backet
Dave Griffith will update who's playing who....

The results for Monday August 31st are posted in the links to the left. I've updated the scores, statistis, handicaps and the shot counter.

Please remember to press F5 to refresh your web browser. Sometimes an older page maybe in your computers cache or memory.

Captain's are asked to submit their team lineup to Mike Zarecky by the end of Thursday. Each team should also schedule a sub.

Rules Committee (3)        K. Dixon, Mestayer, P.Powers

President                            D. Griffith
Vice-President                   M. Spata
Scorekeeper (2)                 M. Zarecky, W. Seay
Treasurer                            P. Adderley

The Daly Dish

For everyone's peace of mind, the handicap system used by the league is what you would have for any player that records their score with any course that has a system that computes a USGA Handicap Index. Some of the league members may use this system, and it normally comes with a fee.

So, if anyone has a concern about "why did it change so much", the updated handicaps are correct. For those that are trying to compute their handicap should be aware the system doesn't use every score posted.