JLab Golf League 2016

July 25th matches are now posted.
July 18th all results are now posted.

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and from Ed.:
On the Cardinal Course:
Golferia Uno wrenched victory from Outtie-Quattro barely (55-45).  Wissman birdied the nemesis hole (4 on #8) in the loss.  The A-Team (Armstrong and Adderly) posted net 35's for the weiners.

Lucky #7 got nailed by Golfo de Cinco (73-27).  Wes "IS" Moore had a game for himself (4 pars, net 35) and Whit "A-B" Seay birdied the wimpiest hole on the course (3 on #4).  Manzlak hit the jackpot with 7's on three straight holes.

On Deer Run:
Three is a Magic Number torqued Two of a Kind (73-27).  Doug "Mel" Tilles huh-huh-hammered out 22 points which means his opponent Voldemort scored zip.  After further review, it was confirm that the Deuces were swinging clubs with the grip on the proper end.   Gary "Have a" Croke "and a smile" went nuts on the course.

The Snowmen secured victory over Deep Six (67-33).  Carstens put the course in the vise and slowly squeezed every bit out of the course (net 33, birdie 3 on 7 - #2 HCP hole, 19 pts).  With each stroke, he roared like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

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Rules Committee (3)        Bert Manzlak
                                              Chris Dreyfuss
                                              Mark Wiseman

President                            D. Griffith
Vice-President                   M. Spata
Scorekeeper                      M. Zarecky,
Treasurer                            P. Adderley

The Daly Dish

Ever feel like you change up your game, try a new strategy or use a new club and nothing changes?  Score is up or down but no HCP change.

Ask Bill Murray how he feels!  "They say we're young but we don't know...."

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