JLab Golf League 2015 Information

Week 2 matches, April 13th, scores, handicaps and statistics are now updated. Standings will follow shortly.

 If you haven't paid your $20 league dues (the funds collected pay for the end of the season luncheon, awards, and prizes), you can contact our banker Phil Adderley, or your team captain. Just make sure they write it down that you paid. As in years past, dues and handicaps are required before you can play in a regular season match. Those that need or have a scorecard to turn in, drop it off to Mike (2nd Floor TED), or email it to zarecky@jlab.org. That's all for now...

Rules Committee (3)        K. Dixon, Mestayer, P.Powers

President                            D. Griffith
Vice-President                   M. Spata
Scorekeeper (2)                 M. Zarecky, W. Seay
Treasurer                            P. Adderley

The Daly Dish

For those of you who wish to play more often, please send me an  e-mail to be added to the sub list. Please put "sub list" as the subject.