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Title Job ID Category Employment Type Sort descending Date Posted
Deputy CNI Manager 13378 Computer Regular
Geant4 Developer 13214 Computer Regular
ES&H Inspection Program Lead 13323 Environmental Safety Regular
Finance Business Manager 13365 Accounting Regular
Storage Solutions Architect 13238 Computer Regular
RadCon Manager 13337 Environmental Safety Regular
Magnet Group Staff Engineer 13370 Engineering Regular
Mechanical Technician II 13361 Engineering Regular
Sr. Human Resources Generalist and Compliance Officer 13379 Human Resources Regular
Hall A Technologist/Design Drafter 13285 Engineering Regular
ES&H Department Head 13338 Engineering Regular
Accelerator Operator 13291 Technology Regular
Project Controls Analyst 13302 Clerical/Admin Regular
ES&H Program Manager for Capital Assets 13332 Environmental Safety Regular
Target Group Technician 13276 Misc./Trades Regular
Hall D Electronics Technician 13334 Misc./Trades Regular
Project Services and Support Office Manager 13330 Management Regular
Electrical Engineer (Sustainability) 13364 Engineering Regular
CAD Administrator I 13328 Engineering Regular
Hall D Mechanical Technician 13356 Misc./Trades Regular