100% Property Inventory

100% Property Inventory

During the transition of the current management and operations contract for Jefferson Lab from SURA to Jefferson Science Associates, a 100% wall-to-wall physical inventory of all Department of Energy property will be conducted.  This includes equipment, sensitive items, the stockroom, and precious metals.  The inventory process will begin the week of 17 April and conclude the week of 22 May 2006.  The inventory process, including reconciliation of records and lost property, must be completed before the end of May.  Below is the current inventory schedule organized by building.

The intent is for the inventory to be conducted so there are no production delays or work stoppages. The Property Group will coordinate closely with the Accelerator and Physics Divisions to efficiently utilize down time in all three Halls and in the tunnel to execute this inventory in the allotted timeframe.  JT Kelley (X7702) and Mike Syptak (X7234) will serve as coordinators for Accelerator and Physics Divisions respectively.

Inventory of equipment and sensitive property will be conducted by a subcontractor and will consist of the inventory subcontractor visually locating and assessing the condition of each item of property within each building and storage area.  This same group will also be looking for all equipment or sensitive property without a property sticker and will be documenting these items and determining ownership.  When property cannot be located using this method, the assigned Custodians will then have to physically locate and verify the condition of all assigned property and report the information to the Property staff.  Physical locations and condition must be updated in the Property database. Items no longer needed should be identified for disposal.  Property without a custodian signing for it will be transferred to the Property Officer for disposal separate from the transition.

Inventory of the Stockroom and precious metals will be conducted separately during this same time frame.

Thank you for your assistance with the inventory. Please contact Tom Briggs (X5340) if you have any questions.


Week of 17 April 2006

  • Transportainers
  • Blue Crab Storage Facility
  • Fabric Storage Building
  • Physics Storage Building

Week of 24 April 2006

  • Building 98 (Chalet)
  • All Outside Storage Areas
  • Buildings 31, 33, 52, 57, 59
  • Precious Metals

Week of 1 May 2006

  • Test Lab
  • EEL
  • Trailers 34, 35, and 52
  • High Risk Property

Week of 8 May 2006

  • Accelerator Site Buildings and Trailers (Except tunnel & Halls)
  • Mobile Equipment

Week of 15 May 2006

  • ARC
  • VARC
  • CEBAF Center
  • Residence Facility
  • Stockroom (20 May 2006)
  • Other Nuclear Material

Week of 22 May 2006 (Maintenance Period begins 24 May)

  • Tunnel
  • Experimental Halls

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