2006 Performance Appraisal Schedule

2006 Performance Appraisal Schedule

Once again it is time for our annual performance appraisal cycle, which provides a platform to reflect on our accomplishments and to set goals for the upcoming year.  The appraisal process is a valuable mechanism for establishing two-way communication on current job performance, future goals and objectives, and developmental activities.  The system is designed to promote involvement in the process by both supervisor and employee.  Please note, we are extending the appraisal cycle to May 31, 2006 to coincide with the transition from SURA to JSA.

Performance Appraisal forms may be found on the web at: http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/admin/HR/forms/employee_appraisals.html

The end of 2006 performance period is May 31, 2006.  All performance appraisals will include self-assessment, supervisor assessment, objectives (expectations and performance criteria) for next year, and next level review. 

The schedule for 2006 is:

            May 31st          SURA/JLab appraisal period ends

            June 30th          Supervisors’ completed appraisals due to HR for review.
            July 16th           HR review of appraisals completed and returned to divisions.
            July  31st         All appraisals signed and delivered to HR.         

Setting work objectives and evaluating performance are very important in assuring the lab achieves it goals; please give them the time and attention they deserve.

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