2019 Key Audit and Validation Deadline Extended

The 2019 Key Audit deadline has been extended to March 31.  All JSA personnel, students, and Users who are assigned Jefferson Lab keys must complete this audit. 

To start your key audit/validation, go to the key audit link. Press the enter key and you will be directed to the key audit screen.  From the menu screen click on “My Key Audit” and follow the instructions on the screen. After completing the validation, be sure to click on the “Submit” button before logging out of the system (log-out is in the upper right corner). If you have any non-essential or non-functional Jefferson Lab keys, please return them to the drop box located outside of room 52 in the SSC building per instructions below. 

Key and Lock Control:

  • All lost keys must be reported immediately to your appropriate manager, host/sponsor, or SOTR; and a Lost Key Report is to be sent to Jefferson Lab Security.
  • You are personally responsible for your assigned keys until they are returned to Facilities Management. You must personally request and sign for your keys.  You are not to transfer or loan these keys to other individuals.  If you have a key that you are no longer using, please return it to Facilities Management.
  • Please enter enough information into the system so that Facilities Management can identify the key that you are requesting.  After you submit the key request, it will automatically be routed to the appropriate approving manager.  Once the request is approved, the system will automatically create a facilities service request so the key can be made.
    • Requested key can be picked up in room 52 in the Support Service Center (SSC) once you have been notified it has been made.
  • To return a key(s) you must place the key into an envelope (these are provided by the key drop box), write your name on the envelope, seal it, and place the envelope into the drop-off box, which is located in the hallway outside of room 52 in the Support Service Center (SSC).

For questions or more information, contact Bob Sperlazza at sperlazz@jlab.org or x6241.