6 Month Shutdown Pre-Shutdown Safety Meeting/Training Available Online

6 Month Shutdown Pre-Shutdown Safety Meeting/Training Available Online

In preparation for the CEBAF Six-Month Shutdown (6MSD) scheduled to begin in mid-May, all Jefferson Lab staff were asked to attend one of two safety meetings held on May 3 and 4. Individuals who weren't able to attend a meeting may now complete the training by watching a recording of the meeting that is available on the 6MSD webpage. After viewing the video, please follow the instructions for receiving credit for having taken the training.

The meeting/training video is on the 6 Month Shutdown webpage at:

When you finish viewing the meeting/training video, go to www.jlab.org/6MSD to certify completion.

Also linked on the video webpage is the PowerPoint briefing from the meeting/training.  The PowerPoint briefing contains a wealth of information pertaining to the 6MSD, as well as the names of 6MSD team members and important contacts.

For detailed information regarding the Six-Month Shutdown, please visit the links available on the 6MSD Home page at: http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/directorate/proj_mgmt/6msd/index.html

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