AC Out in CEBAF Center B Wing; Alternate Work Areas Available

The B Wing of CEBAF Center is currently without air conditioning. For
individuals who find their B Wing offices too warm, managers suggest
setting up temporarily in the following locations: the first and second
floor CEBAF Center lobby, empty conference rooms in CEBAF Center, the
VARC lobby and cubicles (Bldg. 28), and the Library located on the first
floor of the ARC building.

If you have a meeting scheduled for the B207 conference room, please
check to see if the location has been changed.

Facilities Management will set up two cooling fans in the second floor
hallway this afternoon. If conditions become too hot, individuals who
can't relocate should discuss other options with their supervisor.

The motor in the B Wing rooftop AC unit is burned out and requires
replacing. Facilities Management and Logistics anticipates sending out
an update when new information becomes available.

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