Accelerator Division Personnel Announcement

Accelerator Division Personnel Announcement

I am writing to give you some news that makes me both sad and happy at the same time. Lia Merminga and Yu-Chiu Chao have accepted positions at TRIUMF and will be leaving the lab, Lia in May, Chao a couple of months later. Lia and Chao came to JLab in 1992 from SLAC (where I worked closely with both of them). In this time, Chao has enhanced his reputation as a beam optician, supporting CEBAF operations as well as developing the 12 GeV beam optics, while Lia concentrated on energy recovered linacs and electron-ion colliders. In the last few years, Lia has distinguished herself as the Director of CASA (Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators) and led the team who developed the ELIC project. We will sorely miss them both at Jefferson Lab.

Now for the happy part. I am delighted to announce that Lia has been appointed to be the Head of the Accelerator Division at TRIUMF, a prestigious position that she richly deserves. Chao, who continues to prefer beam optics to management, will be a senior scientist in the Accelerator Physics Department. It is a real pleasure to see two of our friends and collaborators being honored in this way.

Lia has asked to be relieved of her managerial duties to allow her to ensure completion of her remaining tasks. After consulting with Lia, I have asked Geoff Krafft to be the interim Director of CASA, starting March 1, 2008. I ask you all to help him in his new position.

I ask you all to join me in wishing Lia and Chao well in their new positions.

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