Accelerator Site Entrance Moves to Hadron Drive This Evening

These photos show a driver's view when driving south on Hadron Drive toward the new Accelerator Site entrance.

Accelerator Site Entrance Moves to Hadron Drive This Evening

The Accelerator Site entry gate for vehicles and pedestrians will move to Hadron Drive at 6 p.m. today (Friday, Oct. 1). At that time, the current Accelerator Site entrance on SURA Road will be closed. See "K" on the attached map for the location of the new Accelerator Site gate.

Hadron Drive is the road that extends from Rattley Road down the east side of (behind) the Test Lab. Hadron Drive is labeled with a "6" on the attached map.

Other road and traffic flow changes will take place at this time to allow for the next phase of construction activities for the Technology and Engineering Development Facility project.

-- Onnes Drive will be closed from east of Lawrence Drive to SURA Road.

-- SURA Road will be closed from south of BCS Road to the Accelerator Site fence (old Accelerator Site entrance).

-- With the reopening of Hadron Drive, the main entrance to RadCon will reopen. However, for the time being, the dirt road detour to RadCon (east of Hadron) will remain open, in order to prevent traffic backups on Hadron Drive, between the RadCon entrance and the new Accelerator Site gate.

JLab's main entrance at Onnes Drive and Jefferson Avenue will remain open, but all traffic will be routed to Lawrence Drive (paralleling Jefferson Ave.). Use the North and South Connector Roads along Lawrence to get to Hadron Drive for access to the Accelerator Site, the Test Lab (Bldg. 58), the EEL (Bldg. 90) and associated areas. These areas also will be accessible by entering at Hogan Drive (from Jefferson Ave.) and taking Rattley Road to Hadron Drive.

Onnes Drive will continue to be the only access to JLab after regular business hours and on weekends and holidays when the lab is closed.

All SOTRs who have vendors who make deliveries to the Accelerator Site and SOTRs overseeing construction subcontractors are asked to advise their vendors/subcontractors about the new entrance.  In addition, SOTRs are asked to notify vendors of the traffic-flow changes and encourage the use of Hogan to Rattley to Hadron as the primary route for deliveries (i.e. deliveries to CEBAF Center, the EEL, Shipping and Receiving, the Test Lab and the Accelerator Site).

For the time being, large trucks making Test Lab deliveries to the north end of the Test Lab will be permitted to DEPART ONLY via BCS Road to SURA Road and out Onnes. However, these deliveries must be coordinated through Bob Bennett, by email at or phone, ext. 7656.

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