Accelerator Site Traffic Must Follow Detour, One-Way Signs

Accelerator Site Traffic Must Follow Detour, One-Way Signs

Driving on the Accelerator Site requires that all vehicles follow the Detour Signs and the One-Way Traffic Flow when moving about the Accelerator Site.

For vehicle and personnel safety, it is critical that all vehicles follow the Detour and One-Way signs at all times and heed the modified parking arrangements.

Construction of the CHL Building Addition required the closure of CEBAF Boulevard in the construction area.  CEBAF Boulevard traffic has been detoured to the Accelerator Ring Road.  To safely manage visibility with the increased traffic along the North Linac section of the Ring Road, the road was widened by changing the angled parking to parallel parking.  Traffic flow on the Accelerator Ring Road has always been one-way and continues to be one-way.

The construction traffic pattern will continue through December 2009. Please stay alert while driving or walking on the Accelerator Site because of the increased activity and congestion due to the construction work.

All vehicle operators who are observed  committing parking and traffic violations are subject to ticketing by JLab Security.  Repeat offenders may lose on-site driving privileges.

Pedestrians should walk on available sidewalks whenever possible. Pedestrians should walk along the edge of the road, facing traffic when sidewalks aren't available.

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