Admin Manual Travel Policy - Section 402 Updates

Admin Manual Travel Policy - Section 402 Updates

A review of the Travel Policy, Section 402 of the Administrative Manual, indicated several policies that are being changed to agree with the Federal Travel Regulation.

These policy changes were reviewed by a panel that included: Janet Prater, Leigh Harwood, Tony Thomas, Larry Cardman, Swapan Chattopadhyay, Mary Erwin, Karen White and Carol Kinsey-O.Neal. The changes noted below were approved and changed in January 2007.

  1. Original Receipts - required for single charge of $75.00 or more.
  2. Airport Parking - as long as the parking is not valet or short-term it is reimbursable. Traveler may be reimbursed for garage, covered parking, Long-term or economy parking. Lots that require a shuttle to reach the terminal is not necessary. (no change in written policy, will be clarified with auditors and coordinators.)
  3. Laundry - can be claimed when travel exceeds 4 business days.
  4. Airline ticket reimbursement - for coach class tickets only.
  5. Rental Cars - A term applied to a car with particular features and seating capacity. Rental car company class definitions may vary, (Example: Enterprise Rental Car refers to this class of car as Standard while National Rental Car refers to it as Intermediate. (added to definitions).

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