Andrew Hutton, Next Associate Director for Accelerators

Andrew Hutton, Next Associate Director for Accelerators

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Andrew Hutton to the position of Associate Director for Accelerators at Jefferson Lab, effective March 19, 2007. Leadership of the Accelerator Division is crucial to the success of our Laboratory whose research depends so critically on reliable, high quality operation and the continued improvement of the accelerator. Over the next decade, we expect the Accelerator Division to provide beams for a series of forefront experiments with demanding beam specifications, to refurbish a number of cryomodules to reach and exceed a solid 6.0 GeV operational beam energy, to support the 12 GeV Upgrade construction, and eventually to re-commission and operate the upgraded CEBAF at 12 GeV. Beyond these absolute core efforts, we will see the advancement of the ELIC design and R&D, the participation in the R&D and eventual construction of other Office of Science accelerators or upgrades involving srf technology, and the continued expert support of the FEL program.

I have selected Andrew Hutton and obtained the concurrence and approval of the JSA Board of Directors and the DOE required for this key position because of his unique qualifications for the job. Andrew combines the continuity of an in-house successor with long-standing expertise and accomplishments in the critical subject areas, and most importantly he has a keen sense for and demonstrated commitment to the priorities of the Laboratory and the expectations of the customer - the DOE and the user community. I know that I can count on you, collaborators at all levels throughout JLab, to support the essential efforts that Andrew will be guiding and directing.

Christoph Leemann

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