Announcing the Winner: JLab 2008 Holiday Card

Announcing the Winner: JLab 2008 Holiday Card

To: JLab Staff

The results are in and we are pleased to say there was a wonderful turnout for the first JLab Holiday Card drawing contest.

The winner of this year's contest is Rhiannon Edwards, daughter of Robert Edwards. Second and Third runner-up entries were submitted by Wiktoria Plawski, daughter of Tomasz Plawski and Marika Whitlatch, daughter of Celia and Tim Whitlatch. Congatulations to you all!

We would also like to give honorable mention to ALL those who submitted their artwork for consideration:

  • Minh Dong (Parent: Hai Dong)
  • Bryce Edwards (Parent: Robert Edwards)
  • Devin Hawkins (Parent: DeAnn Maddox)
  • Cassidy Leigh Hays (Parent: Gary Hays)
  • Athena Krafft (Parents: Geoffrey Krafft and Alicia Hofler)
  • Konrad Krafft (Parents: Geoffrey Krafft and Alicia Hofler)
  • Summer Kujawa (Parent: Todd Kujawa)
  • Cassie Letta (Parent: Paul Letta)
  • Ezra Moore (Parent: Daniel Moore)
  • Mayah Moore (Parent: Daniel Moore)
  • Abby Oren (Parent: Tom Oren)
  • Hannah Oren (Parent: Tom Oren)
  • Camron Sterling (Grandparent: Randy Hartman)
  • Kayla Vasilauskis (Parent: Paul Vasilauskis)
  • Alexys Weihl (Parent: Mark Weihl)
  • Andrew Williams (Parent: Gwyn Williams)
  • Becky Williams (Parent: Gwyn Williams)

We will be displaying all of the entries in the CEBAF Center Lobby through the Thanksgiving break. Please come by and see the talent and creativity of our young artists.

Hugh Montgomery

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