Annual Performance Review Process

Annual Performance Review Process

Dear Colleagues:

The time has come to begin the annual performance appraisal process which provides a forum for both supervisors and
employees to review accomplishments during the appraisal period and establish new goals for the upcoming year. With
the system and procedural enhancements developed last year, the appraisal process is more streamlined and allows for
ease of informational exchange. Fundamental to this process is communication on current job performance, future goals
and developmental activities between supervisors and employees.

The appraisal period for 2008 is October 1, 2007 - September 30, 2008. Performance appraisals need to be completed
and delivered to employees by October 13, 2008. All employees will be expected to complete annual performance reviews
because this feedback is essential in maintaining the success of the Lab. A detailed timeline of activities to be
completed is attached for reference.

Merit increases and promotion package submittals will be delayed until the end of the first quarter, at which time
we hope to know more about the FY 09 budget.

Please contact Rhonda Barbosa if you have any questions about the performance appraisal process.



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