Annual Property and Key Validation Begins March 15; Start Preparing Now

Annual Property and Key Validation Begins March 15; Start Preparing Now

Everyone Must Account for Items on Their Inventory List; Take Refresher Training

March 2, 2011       

Nearly every employee at Jefferson Lab is a property custodian. A property custodian is responsible for the proper use, control, physical protection and disposition of his or her assigned property – be it one item or 100. Part of this responsibility includes validating all items on their inventory lists, and taking the Property Custodian Refresher training, on an annual basis.

This year's property validation period will run from March 15 through April 30, announces JLab Property Manager Carl Iannacone. A validation of all issued JLab keys will take place concurrently with the property validation.

In preparation for the annual validation process and the property inventory that will follow, Iannacone asks custodians to start reviewing their individual property lists now, to make sure they know what is on their lists, where everything is physically located and its condition.

Then between March 15 and April 30, each custodian must log into their Property Validation account and validate each item on their respective inventory list and take the Property Custodian Refresher GEN 150 training (about 5 minutes).

Every person who has been issued one or more JLab keys must also validate each key issued to them. To begin the validation process, follow the link and complete the audit as directed. If you currently have any non-essential or non-functional JLab keys, please return them to Dennis Merritt, Mail Stop 28G. If you have any questions about the validation, email Dennis Merritt, the Facilities Management and Logistics locksmith.

For more information about the proper management and disposal of JLab property, refer to the Property Manual, which is accessible from the Property webpage.  For quick reference on handling various types of recyclable, excess or re-usable materials or equipment, download the one-page Recycling reference sheet available from the Facilities Management and Logistics webpage at: .

Iannacone reminds everyone to periodically review JLab's Property Manual, to use the quick reference Recycling card when applicable and to follow the Guidelines for Better Property Management presented below.

Guidelines for Better Property Management
--Property custodians are responsible for the use, control, protection and disposition of all items on their inventory lists. (Even if you only have a JLab computer assigned to you, you are a property custodian.)
-- Keep track of your property – its whereabouts and its condition.
-- Don't sign for equipment or materials you haven't seen or don't know where it is.
-- Make sure all equipment is tagged or marked appropriately. (Make sure anything personally owned is marked with your name.)
-- Don't cannibalize equipment unless you first get approval from the Property Office (this includes vacuum pumps and leak detectors).
-- If you make a new piece of equipment, contact the Property Office to get it tagged or marked appropriately.
-- If you have visitors or users bringing their own equipment onto JLab property, it must be appropriately marked. The Property Office can provide property tags for visitor/user equipment and materials.
-- Don't take government property off campus without the appropriate Property Office paperwork.
-- Don't leave government property unattended in your personal vehicle or anywhere that it could be stolen.
-- If you think something has been stolen, notify JLab Facility Security Officer Kris Burrows, ext. 7548, or email
-- If you discover something is missing, notify JLab Property Manager Carl Iannacone, ext. 5430, or email  .
-- If you are shipping something off campus for repairs, first notify the Property Office; send it off campus through Shipping and Receiving.
-- If you are loaning a piece of equipment to another lab or institution, first complete the appropriate paperwork through the Property Office.
-- Don't throw away any old or broken equipment or unused materials. Contact the Property Office to determine the appropriate way to dispose of all equipment and unused or leftover materials.
-- Anything that could be perceived as "scrap" material must be turned in to the Property Office.
-- Don't trade materials or equipment with other work sections. Turn the items in and have the other work section get the items assigned to it through the Property Office.
-- DOE prohibits allowing anyone outside of JLab's Computer Center to access your computer hard drive, this includes for repair or replacement. Always contact the Computer Center if your computer isn't functioning properly.
-- DOE has a moratorium on hard drive disposal. Specifically, government-purchased hard drives cannot leave JLab for disposal, warranty exchange, repairs etc. If you have a hard drive for disposal, drop it off at the Property office adjacent to Shipping and Receiving (Bldg. 90, room 104). Do not toss it in the trash.
-- JLab keys cannot be loaned, duplicated or given to another individual. Key holders are responsible for any key assigned to them, until that key is returned to Facilities Management and Logistics.


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