Annual Property Validation

Annual Property Validation

From now through 16 February 2007 all JLab Property Custodians are required to complete an annual validation of all sensitive items and any equipment valued at $5000 (or greater) assigned to them. The process will be similar to the on-line validation used last year. Any currently assigned property that is no longer needed should be excessed. Excessed material is either use elsewhere on site or is made available for use within other portions of the government.

During the remaining part of February into March the Property Management Staff will physically locate 20% of the validated property on a random basis. The property validation URL is:

Also, there is now a link from JLab Insight, in the Personal Info box on the top left of the page.

Please contact Joan Holloway at Ext 7348 or Tom Briggs at Ext 5430 if there are any questions.

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