AQIS/CATS Integration

AQIS/CATS Integration


The Jefferson Laboratory Automated Quality Information System (AQIS) has been integrated with the Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS). This integration will be transparent to most users. The most obvious difference will be the above logo appearing on all CATS pages and on the Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement (QA/CI) graphical presentations on .Insight. intranet pages.

The AQIS improvements allow greater flexibility in working with corrective and preventive actions through CATS. Improvements in tracking, sorting, analyzing, trending by cause codes, creating specialized reports, and automated e-mail notification features enhances the JLab enterprise abilities to manage and report information. Especially important is creating transparency for our DOE Customer.

Also, planned for the near future are additional user interface improvements, such as improved ability to select e-mail recipients for status updates, changing the date flagging mechanism so that CATS items will no longer be late on the date they are due, and more.



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