Attention Gas Cylinder Users

Attention Gas Cylinder Users

GT&S who provides cylinder gases to Jefferson Lab will be performing an audit of all gas cylinders on site on Wednesday, August 22, 2007. The audit has been scheduled to coincide with the accelerator shut down so a count can be made of all cylinders in use at JLab. The GT&S team will be covering the entire site and recording cylinder serial numbers. They also will record where empty cylinders are that can be picked up at a later date. This audit will be completed in one day to assure an accurate count.

What can you do? Safely move empty or unwanted cylinders to empty racks outside your building, or mark them with tags provided by Procurement, before the day of the audit. Also know where your cylinders are in your area and be cooperative when the team arrives.

This audit is required per our subcontract and was coordinated with Craig Ferguson, Bruce Lenzer, Bert Manzlak, Patty Hunt, et al. We have a record who orders the gas but handling gas cylinders is fairly wide spread and therefore we feel we need to give the Lab a heads-up.

Michael Dallas

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