Be Prepared to Run, Hide or Fight if Faced With an Active Threat Situation

Be Prepared to Run, Hide or Fight if Faced With an Active Threat Situation

Recently Emergency Manager Tina Menefee initiated an awareness campaign to help prepare the Jefferson Lab community in the event of an actual emergency. She is kicking off the effort with a poster highlighting critical things to consider if you are faced with an Active Threat situation where you may need to react by taking Run, Hide or Fight actions.

If faced with an Active Threat situation – you see someone brandishing a gun or other weapon, or any implement being used to cause harm to people or lab facilities – you should consider yourself to be in immediate danger.  To best protect yourself and colleagues, you will need to quickly take action appropriate for the situation you are in.

For more information, visit the Jefferson Lab Emergency Management webpage and click on “Active Threat.”

Possible actions to take if you are faced with a Run, Hide, Fight situation:

  • Run (evacuate): If it is safe to do so. Use a path that you know and that will take you away from the area of danger. Leave your belongings behind. Warn and help others if you are able, but don’t wait.
  • Hide: Seek out a room that you can lock the door from the inside. If possible, blockade the door to prevent entry. Turn off lights and close blinds and stay on the floor and away from doors and windows. Silence your electronic devices and remain quiet. Don’t attempt to peak out to see what is happening.
  • Fight: According to federal law: If you are in imminent danger, it is legal for you to use force to defend your life and the lives of others. Be prepared to cause severe injury or incapacitation to the intruder. Throw objects; use objects around you.
  • If it is safe to do so, call 911 to report the situation. Then, if you are calling from your cell phone, also attempt to contact Jefferson Lab Security at ext. 5822 to report the situation.

Additionally, look for the Active Threat awareness posters in your area. If you don’t see one, copies are available for pick up in CEBAF Center, or click here for the pdf, which can be downloaded and printed out. Hang one in your area to provide immediate guidelines on appropriate response if faced with an emergency situation. 

More guidance on reacting to an Active Threat situation is available on the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Homeland Security websites.

The FBI provides additional suggestions in its online video: Responding to an Active Shooter Crisis Situation

The DHS provides an informational page with “How to Respond” resource materials and a video titled “Options for Consideration Active Shooter Preparedness Video”.