BEAMS Seeks Volunteers for 15 Minute Role Model Visits

Jefferson Lab’s 5th grade BEAMS program kicks off this month. An important part of the BEAMS experience is Role Model Visits; and Science Education is seeking lab volunteers to provide these 15-minute Role Model Visits for the students.

For a Role Model Visit: A group of about 12 –15 students is brought to the volunteer’s office or a conference room if your office isn’t feasible, whereupon the volunteer talks about their job, their education or job training, how they wound up at JLab, and the aspects of their job that they most enjoy, etc. This is an informal visit. Students are encouraged to ask questions. Many questions deal with education and career. An adult accompanies the students – either a teacher or a JLab Education staff member.

Role Model Visits usually take place from 11–11:15 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Education staff will bring the students to the volunteer’s location and pick them up after the visit. It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s short and it has a positive impact on the students, says Christine Wheeler, Education. For more information or to volunteer for a Role Model Visit, contact Wheeler at ext. 7560 or email .