Brief JLab Road Closures Thursday, Jan. 7 While Transportainers Moved

Brief JLab Road Closures Thursday, Jan. 7 While Transportainers Moved

The movement of several JLab transportainers, originally scheduled for Jan. 6 will now take place Thursday, Jan. 7.

Starting around 7:30 a.m. Thursday and continuing until the work is done, eight transportainers currently located behind the Test Lab and the EEL, will be moved to locations on the Accelerator Site. Some additional transportainers located behind these two buildings, 58 and 90, will be hauled away.  A 70-ton crane and three semi tractor trailers will be used to carry out the moves. During loading and unloading, adjacent roads will be temporarily closed.

Please follow all signage, cones and other temporary markings and verbal instructions provided by ESH&Q Division, Facilities Management and JLab Security staff during this process.  The intermittent road closures will persist throughout the day until the last of the containers have been moved.

Six of the containers will be moved to the west side of the three Experimental Halls, Buildings 101, 94 and 96, along Quark Place Road, and the other two are being moved to the transportainer area adjacent to the South Linac.

The attached pdf map shows the current locations and destinations of the containers being moved to the Accelerator Site (i.e. the areas that will be most impacted during the moves).

Facilities Management and Logistics staff thank you for your patience and understanding while this process takes place. Questions and concerns may be directed to Tom Briggs, Property manager, at, x5430.

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