Budget constraints reduce housekeeping activities in JLab facilities

Budget constraints reduce housekeeping activities in JLab facilities

Beginning April 3, 2006, the frequency of several housekeeping tasks performed by the subcontractor will change due to budget constraints.

Examples of general changes in frequency are listed below:

  • Trash and recycling containers will be emptied daily for most restrooms/common areas/exam rooms; weekly for private offices/conference rooms/shops; and less frequent at isolated, low use facilities.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned, sanitized and resupplied 3-times per week for most campus buildings and high use Accelerator buildings; 2-times per week at low use Accelerator buildings.
  • Office furniture, fixtures, and equipment will be dusted monthly.
  • Office window blinds, shades, and covers will be dusted every 2-months.
  • Heavy traffic area glass doors cleaning will occur monthly.
  • Interior glass, chalkboards, and marker boards will be cleaned quarterly.
  • Hard surface floors will be swept and damp mopped twice per month.
  • Stairwells will be policed weekly.
  • Carpet cleaning will be performed by task order, or a separate contract.

You can help by ensuring perishable food and similar waste is not left in private office and shop collection containers, and also by putting recyclable items in the appropriate recycling containers.

Mike Lewellen, Facilities Management (x7169), can advise on details and assist with questions.

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