Building Utility Changes

Building Utility Changes

The FY06 utility budget continues to be a challenge in part due to rising utility costs. At the current rate of expenditure there will not be sufficient funds budgeted to cover the cost of utilities. The following changes in the Lab's operations are being made effective immediately to reduce the Lab's energy usage and cost.

Building Operations:

  1. Thermostats in all buildings shall be adjusted to maintain no lower than 75 degrees for cooling and no higher than 70 for heating (except where it will impact instrumentation)
  2. Currently CEBAF Center (original building) and VARC HVAC systems operate from 0600 to 1900 five days a week and during special functions. There is also an over ride button that permits up to 4 hours of operation. Override buttons for operation of equipment outside the above hours will be disabled.
  3. Discontinue the use of all space heaters.

Construction in Progress:

  1. Connection of roll-up doors to mechanical systems to prevent heating or cooling a space when roll-up doors are open.
  2. Completion of installation of light occupancy sensors in CEBAF Center.
  3. Installation of variable speed drive motors for the end station LCW pumps.

Thank you for your assistance in the efficient use of energy at the Lab.

Please direct all questions to Rusty Sprouse, 269-7589.


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