Calendar Server Daylight Saving Time Issues

A patch to adjust the start date for Daylight Savings Time on our calendar software was provided by the vendor and applied last week to JLab's calendar server. However, this morning it was evident that this patch did NOT make the necessary corrections, as all meetings were moved forward in time by one hour.

The vendor provided patch has been removed and meetings are now displaying with the correct time. However, the automated reminders are still affected. If a meeting has reminders (pop up or email) enabled, these reminders will arrive one hour late. The decision was made to operate with accurate meeting times and to cope with reminders being off-schedule by an hour. We will be working with the vendor to find a reasonable solution, but please be aware that the calendar server may remain in this state until the date that daylight savings time was originally scheduled to begin on (Sunday, April 1, 2007).

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