Campus Power Outage & other Important Holiday Shutdown Info

Campus Power Outage & other Important Holiday Shutdown Info

This is a reminder of the power outage commencing promptly at noon Friday, Dec. 21, 2007, that will run through Dec. 31 2007. Access badges will not allow entry to these facilities during this period.

The Library in the ARC Building will be available for use by Users during this period.  Access will be via access cards and operate in the same manner as during weekends.

1)  The following facilities will not have power during this period and therefore will NOT be accessible.

    • CEBAF Center
    • EEL
    • Test Lab
    • Acid Neutralization Building (Bldg 31)
    • Trailers 34 A, B, and D
    • Safety Trailer (Trailer 35)
    • RADCON (Bldgs 52, 54, and 52 series trailers)
    • Building 59

2)  JLab Wide: In preparation for this power outage janitorial services will empty ALL trash on Thursday evening instead of Friday evening. Don't put any types of food waste into waste containers on Friday. Janitorial services will not resume in all JLab buildings until the Lab reopens on Jan. 2, 2008 except in the commercial tenant area of the ARC Building.

3)  In order for everything to run smoothly all staff, users, and contractors shall make sure the following is completed before the power outage:

    • Empty, defrost, and unplug all refrigerators/freezers in the above list of affected buildings and trailers. Any items left after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 20 2008 will be thrown away Thursday evening.
    • Log off and turn off all computing equipment.
    • Turn off all other equipment including uninterruptible power supplies.

4)  Please refer to the 2007 Holiday Shutdown Schedule & Exception Process All Staff email sent out by Rhonda Barbosa on Dec. 17 for other information related to the holiday shutdown.


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