CASA leadership change

CASA leadership change - a message from Andrew Hutton

Geoff Krafft has been the Director of CASA for the last seven years and has done an outstanding job.  Under his leadership, the 12 GeV design was finalized and accelerator physics support provided to the 12 GeV Project; the 12 GeV commissioning was successfully organized and carried out; the MEIC design made significant progress; and many other smaller accelerator physics tasks were completed successfully.  At the same time, Geoff has also regularly taught an introductory course on accelerator physics at ODU, an area where he excels.  During this time, Geoff has not been able to spend as much time as he would have liked on “real” accelerator physics as administrative duties have taken priority.  Geoff has now asked to have his administrative load reduced so that he can spend more time on research, and I have agreed to his request.  

One of the things that Geoff points to with pride is his mentorship of Mike Spata, who has been the Deputy Director of CASA for the last year and is now ready to step up to take the leadership role.  Mike started his career at Stony Brook University, moving to JLab to participate in CEBAF commissioning.  Mike rapidly rose to become the MCC Group Leader, acquiring a solid reputation for his organizational abilities, particularly for his leadership in the renovation of the control room. In this period, Mike was also responsible for coordinating the installation and commissioning of the HKS II experiment (a million pounds of equipment from Japan), earning praise from our Japanese colleagues for his professional attitude and effectiveness. Mike joined CASA in 2007 to participate in the development of the beamline model and to manage the diagnostics, high-level applications, safety systems and extraction for the 12 GeV Upgrade. Mike was also the lead CASA scientist on commissioning planning.  In parallel, Mike returned to school, obtaining his PhD in accelerator physics in 2012.  

As of July 16, Mike Spata will become the Director of CASA, and Geoff will be appointed as a CASA Fellow while acting as Deputy CASA Director until October.  Geoff will be able to spend more time on accelerator physics theory and to mentor the junior members of CASA, as well as spending more time on outreach activities.  Please join me in wishing Geoff and Mike success in their new roles and in helping them to be successful.  

Andrew  Hutton
Associate Director, Accelerators