CD-2 12 GeV Upgrade: CD-2 Approved

CD-2 12 GeV Upgrade: CD-2 Approved

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that today the 12 GeV Project received approval of Critical Decision - 2 (CD-2) from the Department of Energy.

Securing CD-2 is a tremendous accomplishment for Jefferson Lab, and I want to extend my most sincere thanks to Claus Rode, Allison Lung and the entire 12 GeV project team for an outstanding job. Your hard work and long hours are greatly appreciated.

All of us can look forward confidently to an exciting and challenging future for Jefferson Lab. The 12 GeV project will not only further solidify the Lab's standing as a preeminent nuclear physics research facility, it also will enable us to provide scientists worldwide with a tool to greatly expand our knowledge of the universe.

CD-2 is the third step in a five-step process. The final two steps awaiting Jefferson Lab are CD-3, the start of construction, and CD-4, the start of operations of the new facilities.

CD-2 means that DOE has approved the project's baseline (technical scope, cost, and schedule) and management plan, making it possible to include construction funding for the project in the DOE Budget Request for FY2009.

Again, I congratulate everyone who was instrumental in advancing the 12 GeV Upgrade project to this historic moment.


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