CEBAF Addition Stairwell "K" Closed 7/20

CEBAF Addition stairwell "K" (stairwell closest to the CEBAF parking lot) will be closed at the 3rd floor level for about a week starting Thursday (7/20) for safety reasons due to construction work in the 12 GeV office area on the 3rd floor. Stairwell "K" may still be used to access either the 1st or 2nd floors - only the 3rd floor is affected. Signs, cones, etc. further notifying building occupants of the closure will also be posted. Also, since construction is taking place during normal working hours, occupants of CEBAF Addition 3rd floor will no doubt hear some level of construction noise and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. We appreciate everyone's cooperation and attention to safety as the project commences.

Please contact David Fazenbaker of Facilities Management (x5808) for any questions.


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