CEBAF Center A & C Wing Restrooms to Close Temporarily for Refurbishment;

A Wing 1st & 2nd Floor Restrooms Close on Aug. 11

The men's and women's restrooms in CEBAF Center, Wings A and C, are being refurbished to replace dilapidated partitions, lavatories and counters. The restrooms will be closed while refurbishment work is underway. The work will be done in two phases:

Phase I includes Wing A restrooms on the first and second floor.

Phase II includes Wing C restrooms on the first and second floor.

Phase I work is set to begin on Monday, Aug. 11, and should be completed within four weeks.

Phase II work is planned to begin immediately thereafter and should take about the same time.  Notification will be made in advance of the start date for Phase II.

Notices will be placed on the restroom doors while they are closed. The notices will include locations of other restrooms.

The anticipated project completion date for all phases is late September.  Facilities Management appreciates your patience during this brief inconvenience, as we work to provide safe, sanitary and upgraded restrooms.

Jefferson Lab
Facilities Management and Logistics Division