CEBAF Center Power and Lab-wide Telephone Outages

CEBAF Center Power and Lab-wide Telephone Outages

To upgrade the power distribution system and perform significant system upgrades, Facilities Management and the Computer Center have coordinated a complete power outage in CEBAF Center for Saturday, May 20. This outage will affect ALL Computing Services, from 6am until 10pm. None of the following will be available: email, all network devices, access to the Internet, all printing services, central file servers, the mass storage system, Scientific Computing, web pages, MIS, and Lattice QCD. Portions of the phone system will not be operational during this period.

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, you should not plan to be in those areas of CEBAF Center when there are power outages unless you are part of the team doing the upgrades. And, you should be aware of the telephone outage schedule. The detailed outage schedule is:

Power Interruption Sequence on May 20th:

7:00 AM - Power off to auditorium and second floor of CEBAF Center Wings A, B and C
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Intermittent power interruptions to entire CEBAF Center
7:00 PM - Power Restored to all areas of CEBAF Center.

Telephone Interruptions on May 20th

UPS on telephone network should hold until 3:00 PM
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM plan for no telephone service across site
5:00 PM - Generator backed telephone service restored

Note: Email to lab accounts should be queued for later delivery at the sender's site.

Additional Details: Scientific Computing Outage May 19-20, 2006

The Scientific Computing Environment will be shutdown at 7am on May 19, 2006. It will then remain unavailable until 10pm on May 20, 2006. In preparation for the power outage, we will stop dispatching farm jobs at 5pm on May 17 to provide time for running jobs to complete. All pending jobs will be preserved during the outage. All Scientific Computing systems and services will be unavailable between 7am Friday, May 19, 2006 and 10pm Saturday, May 20, 2006. This includes all work and cache file servers, the farm, the ifarm systems (ifarml1,2,3 and ifarms1,2), and Jasmine (the mass storage system).

If you have any questions, please contact x7155.


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