CFO and Business Manager

CFO and Business Manager


I am pleased to announce that Joe Scarcello has accepted the newly formed Lab position of Chief Financial Officer and Manager, Business Operations. In this position, he will report to the Chief Operating Officer. Joe is currently the Vice President for Contract Administration at CSC Applied Technologies LLC, in Ft. Worth, Texas. Prior to employment at CSC Applied Technologies LLC, he was Vice President for Contract Administration at DynCorp Technical Services LLC, in Ft. Worth.

Joe brings 27 years of experience in the Federal government-over 15 of those years on large DOE contracts-with extensive experience in financial systems management, contracting and procurement as well as human resources and the establishment and implementation of company integrated safety programs. He has been recognized for many achievements throughout his career, namely for awards that placed subcontracts with Small and Disabled Veteran Owned businesses. In addition, Joe has provided leadership in planning and executing infrastructure programs that resulted in significant cost savings at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. More recently, his extensive knowledge of the Department of Energy allowed him to contribute to JSA's winning proposal to manage and operate Jefferson Lab for the DOE.

Joe will arrive at Jefferson Lab on April 2 and will spend much of his time during the first few weeks talking with Lab managers and staff to gain your views as he begins to set his priorities. Specific information about the new organization and Joe's span of control will soon be forthcoming. I have known Joe for many years. He brings an impressive breadth and depth of experience to the job, and I am confident that you will find him to be knowledgeable, hard working and dedicated to the continued success of Jefferson Lab.

Please join me in welcoming Joe and his wife, Mavis, to the Lab.

Mike Dallas
Chief Operating Officer

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