Changes to Meeting Room Management & Scheduling Procedures

Changes to Meeting Room Management & Scheduling Procedures

To All Staff and Users:

Effective immediately, Staff Services will no longer be responsible for reserving meeting rooms on site.

The Zimbra calendar system has been reconfigured so that any individual may schedule any meeting room. 

Adjustments to the system which will help facilitate this change:
1. All rooms are open for scheduling, except B207 and F324/325. The Auditorium, F113, L102 and A110 will no longer be “managed” rooms. However, be aware that those rooms are frequently used for conferences, workshops, collaborations, and reviews. If you schedule a meeting in one of those rooms you may be required to move to another location. The same guidelines apply to L207 as this room is a DOE space and you may be asked to relocate if they need to use the room.

2. All administrative assistants of each division will have the capability of viewing the scheduler of the room so that conflicts may be resolved more easily.

Helpful Hints to successfully book your meeting room:

1.  Each room has a default setup.  Please book a room that meets your needs.  However, if your meeting requires a special setup, notify Staff Services ( and they will determine whether or not the setup is possible and initiate work orders accordingly.  Staff Services may suggest alternative rooms which already meet the needs of the group and would not require a change in the default setting.

2.  When booking a meeting room, ensure that you select the room from the drop down list that will automatically populate.  If you type in a location without selecting the room from the populated list, it will appear on your personal calendar but not actually block the meeting room in the Zimbra calendar system.

Staff Services will be available to assist with this transition and appreciates your cooperation.