Changes in Outgoing Express Shipping: Costs Moving to Divisions

Changes in Outgoing Express Shipping: Costs Moving to Divisions

Facilities Management was not funded for outgoing express shipping services in its FY06 budget. Therefore cost for this service must be borne by the individual divisions.

To facilitate this, separate Federal Express and DHL accounts are now being setup for the below groups:

Accelerator Division
Administration Division
Director's Office
Chief Finance Office
Chief Information Office
Physics Division
Theory Group

Separate billing will be sent to the POC for each account for approval and coordination with finance for payment. Additional accounts can be established by contacting Joan Holloway, ext. 7348.

Outgoing Express Services Available
Divisions may ship via FedEx or DHL. Outgoing UPS service is no longer available.

Export Control
Remember, export control requirements must be met for shipments going to international addresses.

Incoming Overnight Correspondence
Correspondence can already be delivered to the front desk of the ARC, CEBAF Center, and VARC buildings by using the below addresses. Procured items shall continue to be delivered to Shipping/Receiving in the EEL Building.

Individual's name
Department name
Jefferson Lab (or company name)
and either
CEBAF Center (Bldg 12, Rm#)
12000 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23606
ARC Bldg, Rm#
12050 Jefferson Ave
Newport News VA 23606
phone #
VARC (Bldg 28, Rm#)
12000 Jefferson Ave
Newport News VA 23606
phone #

This new billing and correspondence process will reduce the administrative effort to use this service, reduce delivery time for correspondence, and better associate the cost of the service with the requesting budget element.

Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Briggs, 269-5430.

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