Check out new customer services, trial services; remember National Library Week - April 15-21

In celebration of this annual observance, Information Resources is announcing the availability of two new user services and offering two new trial services for JLab staff and active users.

The two new services are called Web of Science and Endnote, according to Elois Morgan, Information Technology Division. Web of Science is a cutting edge multidisciplinary database known for pioneering citation searching. And Endnote is a personal bibliographic manager that is integrated with JLab's new Web of Science service. Together they are a powerful research tool. To learn more and to access this new service, go to:

These Trial Services End on Thursday, May 3, 2007

The two new trial services that IR is currently offering include: ExPub, an online ES&H (environment, safety and health) database ( ). You must use Internet Explorer as your browser.
To sign on use:
ID: EXP214
PSW: trial

The other service currently available under a trial offer is Ebrary,
( ) an online book service that markets their own collection of e-books or, allows clients to select or deposit their own collection of e-books to be accessed from their platform with many special features. One Ebrary feature that IR staff especially likes is its user personal note pages that open up to any e-book and is saved indefinitely - better than writing on the pages of a book, notes Elois Morgan. Access to this service requires a reader. Download the reader from the main Ebrary page. Look for the download tab at the top of the page.

Contact Elois Morgan, , ext. 7525, if you would like to have either or both of these trial services become permanent.

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