Cigarette Butt Causes Fire Outside of CEBAF Center

Cigarette Butt Causes Fire Outside of CEBAF Center

A cigarette butt or butts discarded just outside of the CEBAF Center B Wing stairwell door started a fire in the landscaping mulch on May 29. The fire was noticed and extinguished by an alert JLab staff member shortly after lunch time.

Improperly disposed of cigarette butts had landed in the mulch, right next to the CEBAF Center building foundation, and started a fire in the mulch.

If the fire hadn't been noticed the flames would have burned up under the building's siding and could have caused a fire inside the building.

Smokers at Jefferson Lab are reminded of lab policy: Smoking isn't allowed within 25 feet of facility entrances, operable windows, or outdoor air intakes. Smoke breaks should be taken in the smoking huts located around the Jefferson Lab campus. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the butt cans available at the smoke huts and not tossed onto the ground.

If you are aware of a smoking hut that needs a new or replacement butt can, please notify Mike Lewellen, Facilities Management and Logistics, at

Potential fire hazard situations may be reported to Facilities Management at ext. 7400.

Jefferson Lab Admin Manual
208.07 Smoking Policy


JSA/JLab is committed to a policy of providing its staff members, users, subcontractors, visitors, and guests with a safe, environmentally sound, and healthy workplace.

    1. Effective September 1, 1995, Jefferson Lab shall become a Smoke-Free Workplace.

Smoking is not permitted within any building or within 25 feet of entrances, operable windows, or outdoor air intakes.

      1. Smoking shall not be permitted in any government owned vehicle, cart, or equipment assigned to JSA/JLab, either on or off the Laboratory grounds.

This policy applies to all JSA/JLab facilities, vehicles, staff, users, subcontractors, visitors, and guests.

      1. The Human Resources and Services (HR&S) Department is responsible for issuing this policy, and coordinating related support activities.
      2. JSA/JLab employees are responsible for adhering to policy provisions and advising any visitors or guests whom they host of the restrictions on smoking at JLab.
      3. Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing this policy, taking appropriate corrective actions against policy violators, and resolving disputes related to authorized smoking area determinations.

Associate Directors are responsible for promulgating this policy in their respective organizations and ensuring uniform enforcement of the policy by subordinate managers.


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