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Central Material Storage Area is the Location for Refuse, Recycling, Fueling, Material Handling Equipment & Materials Storage

The Central Material Storage Area, or CMSA, is the centralized location for Jefferson Lab’s refuse and recycling compacters, scrap material collection containers, storage of bulk materials, hazardous waste and used oils, material handling equipment, and diesel and E-85 fuel for lab vehicles.

This area contains the following:

  • Refuse (trash) compacter
  • Recycling compacter for
    • Aluminum beverage & bi-metal food cans
    • All types of paper, including phone books and cardboard
    • Plastics (only 1 and 2 plastics)
  • Wood collection container
    • Wood packing crates, pallets, etc.
  • Scrap collection bins
    • Metals (copper, wiring, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel)
  • Storage of bulk materials
  • Hazardous Waste and Used Oil Storage
  • Environmental Response Material Storage
  • Mobile Material Handling Equipment Building
  • Equipment Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Vehicle E-85 Fuel Tank

The CMSA is the fenced and gated area located east of the Test Lab (Bldg. 58), at the end of BCS Road.  Access to this area is controlled. Individuals needing temporary access should press the call button on the card reader station, and a guard will respond to provide temporary access.

Questions or concerns regarding specific areas may be directed as indicated below:

  • Recyclables (wood, paper, cardboard and plastic): exts. 7169 or 7400 or email
  • Bulk Storage and Scrap Metals:exts. 7025 or 7348 or email
  • Hazardous Waste/Used Oil:exts. 7308 or 6254 or email Brett Lewis at
  • Material Handling Equipment:ext. 7400

All scrap or recyclable metals must be separated from trash. Items and materials cannot be removed from the area without authorization. To get authorization to reuse materials or items in the CMSA – for Jefferson Lab authorized work – see Don Brown, Technical Stockroom, EEL, Room 108 to fill out a pink JLab Reuse Form.

See this PDF for specific guidance on using the CMSA.

For more information regarding Jefferson Lab’s Waste and Recyclable Materials Management program see Chapter 8060 in the Environment, Safety and Health Manual.

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