Complete JLab Security Awareness Training by Jan. 30

Complete JLab Security Awareness Training by Jan. 30

Jefferson Lab's GEN034, Security Awareness training for 2012 is now
available. If you have a JLab photo ID badge, please visit the training
page and complete this course by close-of-business Monday, Jan. 30.

- GEN034 is for staff and selected subcontractors. JLab SOTRs should let
their assigned subcontractors know if they need to take this training.
(To start the training, click on the appropriate GEN034 link. Be sure
your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled, and your computer's speaker
volume is turned on.)

- GEN034U is for members of JLab's Users community. (GEN034U training
doesn't have an audio component.)

If you haven't completed the training before noon on Jan. 31, your JLab
badge will be inactivated. The training/ID badge access system takes
about an hour to be updated after completing the security training.

The training is available from the JLab Training and Performance page:

If you received the lab's automated training-expiration notice regarding
this training over the holiday break, and completed the training after
Jan. 1, please disregard this message.

If you have difficulty running the training on your computer, contact
Tara Wilkerson, 269-6119, for availability of VARC learning center
computers (Building 28, Room 45). The limited learning center computers
are available on a first come, first served basis.

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