Construction on First Building of Tech Center Research Park Will Impact JLab Parking Around SSC

The Tech Center developer, W.M. Jordan, is planning a groundbreaking ceremony on Aug. 24 for the first building that will become part of the Tech Center’s research park. Building 1 will be built on the non-Jefferson Lab land along Hogan Drive that runs between the Support Service Center (Building 28) and Rattley Road. Land clearing work is underway east of Rutherford Road (parking lot/road between CEBAF Center and the SSC) for the parking lot which will be shared by the SSC and the new research park building.

Due to the groundbreaking ceremony and construction activities underway for Building 1, there will be some disruption to areas around the SSC.

In the coming week, the Jefferson Lab entrance at Hofstadter Road and Hogan Drive will reopen. However, when it reopens it will also be used by construction vehicles entering and exiting the construction site for the new research park building.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 21, parking on the east side of the SSC will be closed and will remain closed during construction of Building 1. Additional parking areas around the south side of the SSC and east side of Rutherford Rd. (parking between CEBAF Center and the SSC) will also periodically close to accommodate construction activities.  Parking for SSC staff is available on the west end of the building.

The parking spaces along the front (north side) of the SSC will be closed to regular parking on Aug. 24 but will reopen on the following day, Aug. 25.

When affected, the sidewalk between CEBAF Center and the SSC will be re-rerouted and signage posted to indicate the designated walking path.

Members of the Jefferson Lab community are reminded to stay out of construction areas; do not enter or pass through areas enclosed by construction fencing.

construction map