Construction Updates: Starting July 21, Work at and Adjacent to Lab Will Impact Traffic Flow, Parking and Pedestrians

1.  Please anticipate congestion at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Hogan Drive starting next week (Monday, July 21). W.M. Jordan will be starting construction of new street light bases at the intersection of Jefferson Ave. and Hogan Dr.

While this work is taking place, workers will close the right (turn-in) lane from Jefferson Ave. onto Hogan Dr., as well as the outside lane of Hogan (the lane closest to the ARC building). The center and right turn (outgoing) lanes on Hogan will remain open. 

Work is scheduled to be completed sometime next week, pending the weather. 

Use caution when entering and exiting the lab at this intersection.

2.  Over the next six weeks, a paving construction contractor will be working in three areas at the lab:

- The parking area on the northwest side of the Test Lab, Bldg. 58;
- The asphalt walkway that runs from the SSC, Bldg. 28, to CEBAF Center, Bldg. 12; and
- North of CEBAF Center (cafeteria entrance) for the installation of a trench drain at the edge of the existing pavement.

Construction is expected to start during the week of July 21, and is expected to be finished by the end of August.

- For the entire construction period the Test Lab parking area will not be available and personnel will need to park at the EEL, Bldg. 90, lot or in the parking lots east of the Test Lab.
- The walkway from the SSC to CEBAF Center will take approximately two days.
- The trench north of CEBAF Center will likely take two weeks.

Use caution when driving or walking adjacent to these construction areas. Comply with posted barriers. For additional information, contract Suresh Chandra, Facilities Management and Logistics, at x7248.

For information regarding impacts from other utilities systems work at the lab, visit the Utility Outages link on the Facilities & Logistics webpage: