Continued JLab Limitation on Travel Approvals

Continued JLab Limitation on Travel Approvals

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the continued lapse in government funding we need to continue with the restrictions on non-essential spending. 

To ensure that we continue to limit all non-essential spending, Associate Directors will review and approve all Travel Requests. Below is a complete list of authorized approvers:

Mike Dallas                           George Neil

Rolf Ent                                Will Oren

Andrew Hutton                    Michael Pennington

Mary Logue                          Claus Rode

Allison Lung                         Joe Scarcello

Robert McKeown                 Rusty Sprouse

Hugh Montgomery               Roy Whitney

Travel Requests will not be processed without the appropriate level of approval.

I will advise when we will resume the normal Travel Request approval process.

Thank you.

Joe Scarcello,

Chief Financial Officer and Business Operations Manager
Jefferson Lab