CPR/AED Training

CPR/AED Training

Written on behalf of Craig R. Ferguson, Associate Director - EH&S

Rapid use of automatic external defibrillators (AED's) and CPR are highly effective at reversing cardiac arrest. Therefore, JLab offers CPR and AED training to interested staff members. Unfortunately, our pool of JLab CPR/AED instructors is now down to two (Kevin Sullivan and Theo Mcguckin). Kevin and Theo can not meet the Lab's needs alone. Please consider helping by becoming an instructor. The process is simple, interesting, and important. If you can help, please discuss with your supervisor then contact Kevin, at sullivak@jlab.org, or ext. 7429. Instructors deserve our gratitude and respect, because they protect all of us from sudden cardiac death.

Thank you for considering this important role.


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