Cyber Security Actions Required for Staff and Users

Cyber Security Actions Required for Staff and Users

JLab Staff and Users:

Cyber security remains an issue of highest importance. Events such as the recent losses of
personal information via government-owned laptops make it necessary to pay increased attention
in three areas: first, the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), second, the
awareness of limited privacy rights on government-owned computers or networks, and third, new
"social engineering" techniques used to compromise computing and information systems. To enhance
cyber security, JLab is taking action in these three areas. With this e-mail, I alert you to new
policies and procedures, and request that you confirm your understanding and agreement in order
to gain or maintain access to government-owned computers, systems and networks.

If you hold a JLab computer account, you must, by September 8, 2006, access
, read the information on each of these three topics (PII policy, the
limitations on privacy rights, and cyber security social engineering),
and confirm your understanding and compliance.

I ask all of you to take personal responsibility to become familiar with this information,
to assure your compliance with JLab policy, and to help maintain Jefferson Lab as a place
where we can securely achieve our scientific mission.

Christoph Leemann

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