Do Not Access WikiLeaks Using Government Resources

Nearly everyone has heard about the release of sensitive U.S. documents made public
on the WikiLeaks website. These include classified documents. As such, the
Department of Energy has determined that anyone using a DOE resource to access poses a serious security risk.

JLab is an unclassified facility and prohibited from accessing or possessing
classified information. Therefore, no JLab resource (i.e., computer, PDA, network,
VPN) may be used to access or assist in accessing by any JLab staff
member, User or visitor.

JLab began blocking access to the WikiLeaks website on Tuesday in an effort to help
prevent someone from inadvertently downloading a classified document to a machine on
our network. Since then, WikiLeaks has made some attempts to move the documents to
other web sites. We ask that you do not attempt to access these documents from any
source. While it might seem intuitive that once a classified document has been
publicly exposed it would no longer be considered classified, that is not true. So
using JLab resources to access or posses such information introduces the risk to
JLab and to you as an individual of being involved in an investigation.

An extract from an official DOE communication is included here:

Any users navigating to will pose a serious risk of introducing
classified information to an unclassified machine. Clem Boylston, CISO for the
Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence sent out a note to the community
stating, "Any document that is on an Internet web site that is purported to be
classified cannot be downloaded to an unclassified computer system without
contaminating the unclassified computer system (i.e., a spill)." In this case,
"downloaded" would not only mean the actual process of saving it to the hard drive,
but also the simple case of viewing it as the information is cached on the local
machine when doing so.

Anyone using their DOE computer to view the purported classified information posted
on the website would merit involvement to the appropriate DOE authorities for a full
review and analysis of severity.

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