DOE Detailees Wanted - A message from Mont

DOE Detailees Wanted - A message from Mont

Dear All,

As many of you know, the Department of Energy has difficulties to secure and then to fill permanent positions in the program offices such as Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics. This is also often the case at NSF. Several of our colleagues have filled positions on a temporary basis in these offices. For the younger physicist with managerial ambitions, it is an opportunity to find out a lot about how our sponsors (DOE and NSF) actually function on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. You can then use that when you find yourselves in higher management and dealing with the agencies ona  daily basis. For the more senior physicist it is perhaps an opportunity to give back to the field in which you have enjoyed federal support. In either case, all the feedback I receive is that the work is interesting and challenging. Physics progress relies on these tasks being done well.

Among people from the Jefferson Lab community who have recently served, Michelle Shinn is currently with DOE-NP, Alena Opper has joined NSF, Ken Hicks is currently with NSF, Gail Dodge completed a much-admired stint at NSF, and Keongsun Joo was instrumental in some far-reaching program reviews in DOE-NP.

Tim Hallman (DOE-NP) and Denise Caldwell (NSF) ask often, and the most recent solicitation I received for help came from Jim Siegrist (DOE-HEP) who sent the message below.

If you would like to be introduced to the principals, don’t hesitate; you could make a big difference.

Regards, Mont

From: Siegrist, Jim []
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2015 10:23 AM
To: Montgomery, Hugh
Cc: Crawford, Glen; Stone, Alan
Subject: detailees


We are searching for potential detailees that could help OHEP especially in the administration of the intensity frontier program. If there are potential candidates at JLAB, we are interested in your help in finding them.




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