DOE Energy Savings Campaign

DOE Energy Savings Campaign

Dear Colleagues,

 On October 3, 2006, the Secretary of Energy launched a new energy savings program at the Department called the “Change a Light Campaign”. In support of this effort, we are asking each of you here at Jefferson Lab to help save energy and protect our environment by pledging to change your next light bulb with one that has earned the government’s ENERGY STAR® for excellence in energy efficiency.  By simply replacing one 60-watt incandescent light bulb with an equally bright 13-watt ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb (compact fluorescent bulb), your household could save more than $30 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb. (The DOE Energy Star website at provides a broad variety of additional useful information on understanding your energy use and tips on ways to save energy, ranging from appliance choices to home improvement projects.) 

The Office of Science's goal is to have 14,000 of our Federal and Laboratory employees pledge to change one light at home by the end of November.  By reaching this goal, we will be making a significant impact on our environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving over 6.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.  You can register your pledge with the Department of Energy today by going to and help the Office of Science reach its goal.

Larry Cardman for Christoph Leemann, Director

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